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Portable Storage Containers in NW1

Kentish Town Removals proudly offers top-tier storage solutions to NW5 customers. Now you can declutter your home and store your items away safely, whilst also enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having access to secure storage. Our Kentish Town storage units are available for hire for any length of time, in a range of different sizes to match your needs.

Secure Self Storage Solutions around NW5 Areas

At Kentish Town Removals, we understand how important it is to keep your possessions safe and secure when using a self-storage unit. That's why our NW5 facility is fully secured with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, padlocks and an alarmed system. We also provide locks and inspects that are designed to protect your goods both during transit and at the storage facility itself. We pride ourselves on offering complete security and peace of mind that your property is never at risk of damage or theft.

Flexible Solutions Available Around the NW5 Area

Our self-storage units have been carefully designed with flexibility in mind and you can use them as you please. A gratis quote will be provided on request so you know exactly what you're paying for. Whether you need somewhere to store excess stock over the summer, house your office equipment or free up some space in the garage, we can help! Call Now! today for more information about our NW5 services.

World-Class Storage Services Around the NW5 Region

Our team of experienced storage consultants are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about our service. We will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers get a tailored service they deserve and that their items are stored safely and securely. With years of experience behind us, we strive to provide superior customer service and satisfaction at every step of the way.

So if you're looking for reliable storage solutions around the NW5 area then get in touch with Kentish Town Removals today! Our self-storage units provide an ideal solution for those looking to move at their own pace, reduce clutter, store tools & seasonal equipment or just create more space at home / office. We offer competitively priced services alongside total security guarantees & world-class customer service. So contact us now on Call Now! or drop by our Kentish Town facility today!

Our prices

Revolutionary Low Prices on Kentish Town Removals Services

If you want your Kentish Town removals to be swift and simple, then contact us today. You will be gladly amazed with our professional services at prices cut in half.

Luton Van 2 Men 4 Men
Per hour /Min 2 hrs/ 70 140
Per half day /Up to 4 hrs/ 280 560
Per day /Up to 8 hrs/ 560 1120

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

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What our clients say

  • The experience of the two movers was evident in their swift and careful handling of my furniture.
  • I cannot thank KentishTownRemovals enough for their exceptional service. They were efficient, friendly, and made my entire moving experience a positive one.
    Selina Chat
  • Thanks to the exceptional services offered by these movers, my move was completed without any hassle or surprises along the way.
    A. Broad
  • Proficient at moving! Guided me expertly and efficiently!
    Travis Gordon
  • It's rare to come across a service that prioritizes professionalism as much as this one does, making them a standout in the industry.
    Sara W.
  • No matter how big or small the move, Kentish Town Removals always impresses with their timely arrival and complete equipment that ensures efficiency and safety.
    Duncan L.
  • I highly recommend this moving company to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient service. They went above and beyond to ensure a smooth move for me.
  • Outstanding support once more! It was exactly what we had requested and arranged with the removal crew beforehand. The three movers were relaxed, efficient, and extremely competent!
    Chris D.
  • Impeccable service provided with precision and professionalism by the punctual, friendly, supportive and proficient team members who did a great job.
    Dan Baldwin
  • Magnificent help and kindness from all people present. Could not laud them sufficiently for their perseverance with an old woman.
    Tanisha Webber

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